Research fellowships

In order to fulfill research goals, a 12 months (potentially renewable) research fellowship is awarded, related to the Excellence Department Project.

Research fellows
Marco Galimberti
Research project: "Pluralism and constitutional identities between Charters and Courts of rights"
Curriculum Vitae
Giovanna Gilleri
Research project: "Gender, law and pluralism: Tensions and intersections"
Curriculum Vitae

Chiara Graziani
Research project: "Fight against International Terrorism: Between Advancement of Technology and Risks for Pluralism"
Curriculum Vitae

Alessandro Negri
Curriculum Vitae

Tania Pagotto
Research project: "Pluralism and freedom of conscience in comparative perspective"
Curriculum Vitae

Nadia Sima Spadaro
Research project: "The stability of administrative judgment in the context of multilevel protection of the individual"
Curriculum Vitae