Visiting & Fellows

The Excellence Department annually finances fellowships addressed to young researchers (junior fellows) and professors (senior fellows) belonging to foreign research centres or universities, offering them the opportunity to spend from two to three months at the Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, School of Law, to carry out research activities. They have to expose the results of their studies both through ad hoc seminaries for professors and students, and through publications in the online working paper series of the Department.
The main goal of the Fellowship BiLaP program is to enhance the research on the topics studied by the Excellence Department. Strategic themes include the following general areas:

  1. Pluralism and Democracy;
  2. Public Security, Prevention of and Fight against Terrorism, International Cooperation;
  3. Pluralism and Criminal Justice;
  4. Work and Business in Plural Society;
  5. Minors and family.


The eligibility and selection criteria will be published on this website each year.

The School of Law also offers a general “visiting professors and fellows program” for professors coming from foreign universities and for scholars conducting post-doctoral research all around the world. Some of these fellowships are related to the topics of the Excellence Department Project and, therefore, they are financed by the Department.